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Lauren Jenkins

“No Saint”

Jenkins debuted her newest album on March 15 '19. She may be "No Saint" but she definitely has the voice of an angel and pours her heart and soul into all the tracks on the albums. Whether a slow, powerful tune like "Maker's Mark and You" or her extremely catchy song "Give Up The Ghost" - all of the songs on the album reveal raw emotions and great country sound. Jenkins' song "Payday" has us all ready for the weekend. The album cover is striking in black and white with an angelic light halo framing Jenkins' stunning face, showing off her sharp cheekbones. This album was definitely worth the wait! Accompanying this album is a short film titled "Running Out Of Road" released to Amazon Music and YouTube.  

Review by Kaleigh Kirk

Kane Brown’s


Brown’s sophomore album, released Nov. 9, just hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and it rightfully deserves that spot. Tracks like “Good As You” and “Homesick” show Brown adding hints of old-school country to the genre’s current pop sound, and he embraces the honky-tonk rock style on songs like “Short Skirt Weather.” Instead of catering to current trends in country music, Brown remains true to himself and his own sound on “Experiment,” and the album’s artwork does a lot to reflect that. It features a side profile of Brown in a red jacket against a blue background, creating an interesting contrast. The album cover also teases a bit of his personal style, showing off a uniquely modern hairstyle, an ear piercing and a Chinese symbol for love tattooed on his neck. We cannot wait to see what Brown does next!

Review by Drew Pearce

Carly Pearce's

Closer To You

Country songstress Carly Pearce released her new single, “Closer To You,” on Friday, Nov. 2. The song is a flirty love song with a fun, up-tempo beat. With a soaring chorus and exquisite vocals by Pearce, this tune is the complete country package. The single’s artwork matches the song’s lively and pleasant sound, with Pearce sporting a flowy, vibrant red shirt with some lovely sequined embellishments. Her hair is colored and styled to perfection, and it creates a nice frame around her face, which features the brightest of smiles. With ‘Closer To You,” Pearce instills a feeling of nostalgic joy in her listeners, and we cannot wait to hear what she cranks out next.

Review by Drew Pearce

NStyle Ana Christina Cash Album.png

Ana Cristina Cash's

My Christmas Collection

With the Halloween season coming to a close, it is finally time to bring out the holiday music again, and what better way to do that then with Ana Christina Cash’s “My Christmas Collection?” The country chanteuse trades acoustic guitars and fiddles for exquisite strings, a jazzy piano and a bold horn section on this compilation of her favorite Christmas songs. Highlights include classics like “Sleigh Ride,” “Santa Baby” and “Silent Night,” which features a verse sung entirely in Spanish. The album is simple and classy, and the artwork certainly showcases this, showing Cash dressed in an elegant white coat with a fur collar. She contrasts the white with her beautifully styled blonde hair, which glimmers like an angel’s halo, fitting in perfectly with the upcoming holiday season.

Review by Drew Pearce

NStyle brett eldredge album.jpg

Brett Eldredge's

Glow (Deluxe)

Christmas is coming early with the arrival of Eldredge’s deluxe version of his 2016 Christmas album on Oct. 26, and we could not be merrier about it. While he sported a more casual look on the album’s original cover, the deluxe version of “Glow” features Eldredge going for a cooler, sleeker aesthetic as he matches an icy light blue coat with a classy black bow tie. The country star channeled crooners like Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr. with big band sensibilities on songs like “The Christmas Song” and “IT’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” on the 2016 version of “Glow.” With five new tracks, there is no doubt the jazzy sound will return on the deluxe edition, and we can’t wait for Eldredge to bring back that classic holiday sound on Friday!

Review by Drew Pearce

Matt Campbell NStyle Album.jpg
Lauren Alaina NStyle Single.jpg
Pistol Annies NStyle.jpg
Ruston Kelly Album cover NStyle.jpg
Kimberly kelly NStyle.jpg

Matt Campbell's

The Man With Everything

Campbell’s upcoming release can be summed up in one word: classic. He employs folky, twangy melodies and lyrics containing echoes of country legend Johnny Cash, especially on tracks like “The Night I Found Jesus,” “That’s The Way” and “It’s Ours.” The Colorado native rocks a vintage style in the album’s artwork. Sporting an orange and brown plaid jacket with a matching blue tie and fedora hat, Campbell looks like someone straight out of the 1930s, and it works. He completes the look with dark pants and a classy pair of brown dress shoes, which do very well match the simplicity his sound. “The Man With Everything” comes out Nov. 9.

Review by Drew Pearce

Lauren Alaina’s

“Ladies in the 90s”

Lauren Alaina released her latest single on Friday, Oct. 5. It is a country-pop crossover filled with nostalgia for a decade where women, much like today, ruled the music scene. The song contains countless references to stars like Britney Spears, Shania Twain and even rhythm and blues trio TLC. Alaina certainly emulates the 1990s in the album’s artwork as she sports a denim skirt with a white T-shirt, silver pumps, barrette clips and a choker. The quirky style often found in 90s fashion is found in the white sheer worn over the denim skirt, and the vibrant red and violet background echoes the tune’s bubbly and fun tune. We can’t wait to hear more from Alaina!

Review by Drew Pearce

Pistol Annies'

Interstate Gospel

After five long years, the Pistol Annies, a country super group made up of Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe, are finally back with three new singles off of their upcoming album. The tracks “Best Years of My Life,” “Got My Name Changed Back” and “Interstate Gospel” all differ in tempo and instrumentation, but they still feature the witty writing and beautiful three-part harmonies the group is known for. The album’s artwork features Lambert, Presley and Monroe together in the woods looking up toward the sky. Each member wears something different, but each outfit matches the earthy tone of the rest of the album. Presley sports an off-white piece with green floral embellishments, Lambert rocks a lovely sequined dress which reflects the forest colors around her and Monroe stuns in a simple green dress matched with a light brown belt. We love the natural vibe presented by the Pistol Annies in “Interstate Gospel” so far, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album come November 2!

Review by Drew Pearce

Ruston Kelly's

Dying Star

Ruston Kelly released his new album "Dying Star" on Sept. 7. Musically, the album is very reflective and confessional in tone, showcasing folk sensibilities with a touch of somber melancholy. This solemn feel is mirrored on the album cover, using shades of black and deep purple with pale lavender accents. A blurry figure of Kelly looks up at the night sky while a vibrant yet still muted pink firework goes off behind him. We're digging this album artwork's moody vibe, as it matches very well with Kelly's somber yet uplifting music! 


Review by Drew Pearce

Kimberly Kelly's

Don't Blame It On Me

Kimberly Kelly released her latest EP, “Don’t Blame It On Me,” on August 31. The release is a collection of classic country tunes, each with their own bit of a modern twist. The EP’s cover matches the music’s old-school style by showing Kelly off in a white, retro sleeveless mock-turtleneck and a pair of high-waisted jeans. On the cover, she sits in what looks like a vintage desk chair, which again hints at the old-fashioned country stylings found in her EP. The yellow and orange gradient in the text mirrors that of a country sunset reminiscent of Kelly’s Texas roots. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


Review by Drew Pearce

Willie Nelson's

"I'll Be Around"

The latest single off of Willie Nelson’s upcoming album “My Way,” “I’ll Be Around” is a heartwarming cover of the song made famous by Frank Sinatra. Although many know the song as typically a jazz standard, Nelson still manages to put his own outlaw-country spin on the song, and the art from the upcoming album brilliantly reflects this. The black-and-white filter and single spotlight shining on Nelson as he stands with only his guitar and a microphone gives the album a somber feel, but Nelson’s dark, simple tee shirt, cowboy hat and classic braids show that he can pay tribute to Sinatra without sacrificing his own personal style. We can’t wait to hear Nelson pay homage to Sinatra in full-force on September 14!


Review by Drew Pearce

Dan and Shay's

Dan and Shay

This album cover is one of the more unique ones in the country spotlight, as are Dan and Shay as country artists. Their unique energy blends country and alt-pop in a way that hasn't really been seen before, especially in their new single, Tequila. The self-titled album, released in April of 2018, features a lightly washed-out parchment background, and simple lettering. Minimalism isn't usually seen in country albums, especially with country this popular, but Dan and Shay are new to the country scene, and we welcome the changes to the genre! We can't wait to see what they crank out next!

Luke Combs'

This One's for You

Luke Combs released his first major debut album, “This One’s for You”, in November 2017 and we welcome him with open arms in the world of country music, The design of the album cover is very unique, citing elements of truthfulness to the forefront, which is very indicative of Luke’s lyricism in the album. He brings in a different twist to his music, having songs like “Hurricane” and “I Got Away With You” and calling out the breakup album in full force. It's very interesting to see a design take as unique as this on an album, especially for a fairly new artist. We definitely are excited to see more from him in the future!

Kane Brown's

Heaven (acoustic)

Kane Brown’s single, “Heaven” (acoustic version), has topped the country charts at number 2 as of last week, and has celebrated 33 full weeks of the Billboard’s spotlight. The cover of this single is pretty unique, taking on the cooler toned color-block vibes that resemble more indie or contemporary artists. Instead of warm southern sunsets or the sweet relaxation of a back porch or forest, he chooses a nighttime urban feel, wearing a simple white T-shirt and necklace, emphasizing the fact that his jawline is so sharp, it should register as a dangerous weapon. The art style says it’s time to go out and have fun, but his expression says be home before 2 am. Kane is open and inviting, which makes the image all the more intriguing, screaming for the beholder to play the song. Overall, it’s a different and provocative take in blending country and pop, just like Kane himself. 

Ashley Monroe's 


Ashley Monroe gives us all of our Indie- Americana dreams. Her voice, and her style are so unique to her, and definitely leave us wanting to hear more. Her style is also very unique to her, and pairs perfectly with her music. On the cover of her newest album, Ashley looks like she walked out of the 70's. Her hair is in loose waves, parted in the middle, with her classic look of two "bobby pins "on either side of her part. Her top is a dainty, ruffled sheer top that ties in the front middle. It has a springy floral print with pinks and greens that match her vibe. She paired the top with a pair of blue jeans. We love Ashley, and we love her vibe! 

Jason Aldean's

Rearview Town

Jason Aldean has done it again with another great record. In classic Jason style, his album is very minimalistic, and very Nashville. Firsly, let's talk accessories. Jason is wearing a tan cowboy hat, and holding his guitar. He has also stacked some thing bracelets. Jason is wearing a red, white, and blue flannel button down with subdued tones. This album cover is very true to Jason's style, and represents him perfectly. 

Carrie Underwood's

Cry Pretty

We can not even begin to explain how excited we were when this song took to the internet. Not only is it an amazing song, but we are so excited to have Carrie back! After suffering injuries from a fall, Carrie finally seems to be making her way back to the spotlight. This cover is emotional, and stunning. The main accessories  in the photo are Carrie's gorgeous wedding ring, and the gold microphone. Although you can't really see her top, we know it is black, and covered in sparkles. Her eye makeup is a dramatic smokey eye, with purple pigment to tie in the purple theme from the cover. To even out the makeup look, she went with a nude lip. Also, of course Carrie Underwood cries glitter, and looks amazing doing so. We love this cover Carrie, and we can't wait to see more from you. 

Cassadee Pope's

"Take You Home"

Cassadee Pope is quickly becoming one of my country music favorites at the moment. Not only is her music a fresh, new sound, unlike anything else on the charts, but her look is edgy and unique. She rocks the half sleeve, and we love the little smiley-face tattoo on her hand. Her hair is cut, colored, and styled so perfectly, definitely "hair goals". Her top has the gingham pattern that is very on-trend right now, and we love how detailed and flirty the back is. Every go listen to this single, we are loving everything about it. 

Ashley McBryde's

"Girl Going Nowhere" 

Ashley McBryde's "Girl Going Nowhere" is an album that everyone needs to listen to. We love her casual style, and how well it translate through not only her music, but her album cover as well. She is pictured sitting in her car, one hand on the wheel, looking out on the open road. She is wearing a pair of silver frame, dark lensed aviator sunglasses that reflect her view. She is wearing a simple red graphic tee, and looks like one cool chick. Make sure you go check out her new album!

Jordan Davis'

"Home State"

Everyone, mark your calendars! On March 23, Jordan Davis is coming out with his newest album, "Home State". To say the least, the album cover has us expecting some funky, and awesome country music. Jordan is wearing a blue bomber jacket with an almost metallic material. The jacket looks electric, and we are obsessed. His hair is very stylish and sleek, and I mean come on, can I say BEARD GOALS?! His beard is thick, full, yet tame and well groomed. We love this album artwork, and I am sure we will love the album just as much! 

Meghan Patrick's

"Country Music Made Me Do It"

Meghan Patrick looks stunning in her album cover for “Country Music Made Me Do It.” From head to toe, her styling is on point. Her hair is done in loose curls, which lends very well to the bohemian vibe. She is wearing a black dress with lace detailing that makes the bottom sheer out. She accessorized with a layers of necklaces, some on thicker chains, and a statement metal cross on a thin chain. Of course, what country music album cover would be complete without a pair of cowboy boots! Meghan pulled her maxi up to her knee to show them off. Her look is so cohesive, and we love the way the album cover turned out. Make sure you check her music out as well,

you will not regret it! 

Mitchell Tenpenny

"Drunk Me"

All smiles here for the latest single off of Mitchel Tenpenny’s self-titled EP. “Drunk Me” is a wishful-thinking song that has to do with a breakup that no one ever wants. It’s like telling yourself, “I’m over you, but Drunk Me is not over you.” Tenpenny’s style for his EP cover is classic bro country- ball cap, jacket, jeans. What we don’t see a lot is a beaming smile accompanying a perfectly groomed beard. His camel suede jacket is a different option than a traditional leather jacket, and that shows that Tenpenny is not here to fit in, he’s here to stand out and make a difference. 

Scotty McCreery's

Seasons Change

We all know Scotty McCreey as the wide-eyed, American Idol champion, whose deep voice brought us back to the early greats of country music. Now, it’s his turn to make a mark on the industry with his new Album, Seasons Change. The album, which will be released March 16 is destined to be great. With the success of the first single from the record, “Five More Minutes,” we can only assume the album will be great. For the album cover, McCreery stayed true to the “simple-man” image that he has embodied since the beginning of his career.  He is pictured wearing a white crew neck t-shirt and a dark wash denim jacket. He is sporting a scruffy beard, and a cheeky smile. Like Scotty, we are excited for this album to be released!! 

Kacey Musgraves'


            Kacey Musgraves just made our Friday even more sunny! She just released the first two singles off her new album, Golden Hour. Her single “Butterflies” is the uplifting, romantic song that we have been waiting for since her marriage with Ruston Kelly. Kacey looks beautiful  glowing beneath the blue sky. She is holding a beautiful orange fan in front of her face, but we can still see her fluffy lashes that cast a shadow on her face to create a wing-like effect on her face. The song is so light and sweet and the album cover really mirrors that. 

Justin Timberlake's

Man Of The Woods

            Justin Timberlake might not represent country music as a genre, but the Tennessee native is definitely retracing  his southern roots. He recently released the album, Man of the Woods, a 16-song masterpiece that we are absolutely living for. The album cover says so much about what the album encompasses, because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Justin is shown in two images, one wearing a suit, and the other wearing jeans, boots, and a flannel. The top photograph is ripped through the middle, revealing that beneath his elegant façade, Justin will always be a Tennessee man of the woods. We love the way they used his attire to tell us a story, and we think they were very successful in doing so. 

Jason Aldean's

You Make It Easy

As the perfect love song, Aldean subtly reminds women that there are still sweet men out there. The focus of this track is the electric guitar with all instruments in the background softly bringing the track along, making the track even smoother. Aldean’s bright, twangy vocals compliment the cover track seamlessly. Dressed in his signature jeans, boots, and cowboy hat, Aldean sits on a couch effortlessly with the sunlight hitting him just right. His distressed jeans, tattoos and jewelry make this single cover rustic and country. 

Russell Dickerson's


Dickerson’s long- awaited debut album is a nod to his wife with songs like All Fall Down, Billions, MGNO (My Girl’s Night Out), and his recent #1 Billboard Country hit Yours. With the success of Yours, it was no surprise that Dickerson kept in a few other love songs. But he also has up-tempo, fun songs that an easily get a crowd going. Dickerson took this fun and creative energy and put it into a bright blue album cover. Content with hues of blue and white, Dickerson’s album cover easily contrasts his dark, perfectly styled hair and deep brown eyes. 


Hallelujah Nights

  Successfully fusing country, pop, and rock is no small feat, but LANCO is doing it flawlessly. Their album, “Hallelujah Nights” has just climbed to number one on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. Considering there are five band members, there is a lot of style and personality at play in this album cover. However, one thing is for sure, these men are looking good. There is a lot of texture on this album cover, in the form of different materials. We have leather jackets and bracelets, metal necklaces, rings, and bracelets, denim, flannel, and good old fashioned cotton t-shirts. I am also loving how no two hair styles are the same. Starting from the left there is the long, messy hair look, next is the classic wave parted on the left, then there is the euro-cut parted on the right, after that is the one and only hat on the cover, and finally we have the long, curly hair and full beard on the far right. We love how much there is to look at on this album cover, and that it represents the eclectic, and cohesive vibe that is LANCO. 

Kassi Ashton's

California, Missouri

Watch out Nashville, the women of country have a new sound, and we are OBSESSED. Kassi Asthon’s new single, “California, Missouri” is her testament to being raised in a town that doesn’t seem to look past its county lines. Just like her music, her style is unique and absolutely fabulous. She looks red hot on the album cover, and you can to! Here is how… A statement red lip is a girl’s best friend. Almay is a drug store makeup brand that has some amazing red shades. You may know some of their spokeswomen, Carrie Underwood and Reba, who always stun in red lipstick.  What girl doesn’t love shoes. One of my favorite shoe stops in Nashville is Posh. From booties to sneakers to heels, Posh has it all.  Kassi is wearing a super unique pair of flowy pants, and open on the sides and have shorts attached. This retro look can be found at a few places in Nashville. UAL is Nashville’s best kept secret. It is a high-end consignment shop that has big name designers, for less! They have endless pieces that are unlike anything you’ve seen before, like Kassi’s pants! We love the padded bomber that Kassi has casually draped over her shoulder. Some shops around Nashville that are great for basic pieces are Blush, Posh, Revv, and American Threads. Finally, Kassi is wearing a graphic T shirt, which is one of my current favorite fashion trends. It takes something that is super plain, and comfortable and makes it super cute with phrases, images, or designs. In Nashville, you can find graphic T’s at shops like, Dress Up, Vinnie Louise, and Serendipity. 

Caitlyn Smith's


Starfire isn’t your typical country or even pop-country crossover album. Monument Record’s Caitlyn Smith manages to fit in classic country, pop, blues, and make-you-want-to-sob soul music all throughout her album. The songwriter-turned singer has either written or co-written every song on her debut album, and it’s safe to say no song is short of breathtaking. The album cover perfectly represents Smith’s conglomerate of songs with her dress a galaxy of colors being highlighted with a single spotlight on her. The dress is flowy and carefree- much like Smith. Her fashion choice is a lot like her album-it evicts emotion. We can’t help but think that this album is going to catapult her career, and hopefully bring her killer style along for the ride.

Devin Dawson's

Dark Horse

In his first album, Devin Dawson takes on the persona of the “Dark Horse”. He said it best in his title track, “People ask why I wear black/ Where’d I get my style and why I never smile in pictures.” Known for his signature, all black outfit, Dawson does not stray away from his image. Devin seems to take a minimalistic approach when it comes to his wardrobe. Sampling simple pieces, and occasionally throwing in some leather details in boots or a jacket. It proves that no color will ever be the new black, it’s timeless. We love his “bad boy” vibe, and the eclectic mix of r&b, country, and pop infusions in this album.The hand drawn black and white cover art is extremely unique, and totally draws you in.  We are so excited to see Devin take off with this album, and can expect his music to be as timeless as his look.  

Danielle Bradbery's 

I Don't Believe We've Met

For her sophomore album cover, Danielle Bradbery shows off her elegant yet trendy style. For an album that mainly focuses on the highs and lows of young love and modern relationships, Bradbery was dressed to play the role. She wore a romantic white lace top with a high neck. The lace is mature and classy, which seems to really embody the new image that Danielle Bradbery is encompassing. She looks fresh and flirty with her pose, and her hair seems effortlessly styled in a braided bun. We absolutely love her style choices, as well as the music on the album. 

Lady Antebellum's


Lady Antebellum is back with a new twist on their sound and look in their latest album release. “You Look Good,” the first single released off of the album, features a powerful horn section and does a great job of introducing listeners to the new soulful sound that Lady Antebellum has acquired. Their wardrobe seems to match their new sound. Hilary is wearing a sassy, sparkly blazer paired with a striped shirt underneath—a bold combination but she definitely pulls it off! Charles and Dave are dressed simply, but with just the right amount of edge. We love Lady Antebellum’s new sound and look!

Miranda Lambert's

The Weight of These Wings

Miranda Lambert has always been known as an edgy, powerful woman of country music. However, her latest 24 track album shows a different side to this renowned country rocker. The Weight of These Wings was released in November 2016, approximately one year after her divorce with Blake Shelton and is undoubtedly inspired by her emotional experiences following this unfortunate occurrence. Instead of catchy, rockin’ songs that you might expect from this songstress, the album is filled with strikingly vulnerable, introspective songs about heartbreak and reconstruction. This softer side of Miranda is not only seen in her music, but in her wardrobe as well. This album cover shows Miranda in a low cut sparkly gown that falls all the way to the ground. This look is simple; she is not wearing any jewelry, and her only accessory is her guitar case. Miranda is usually seen in edgier outfits that show off her sass, but this look does a great job of summing up her softer side that fans will be introduced to when they listen to her new album.

Southern Halo's

10 Track Album

This trio, made up of three sisters: Christina, Hannah, and Natalie Morris, has found their unique sound by blending influences from Country, Pop, and Rock. Although the oldest of the girls is only 19, they've proven that they have already developed their talents enough to be opening for some of music's biggest acts like B.B. King, Maren Morris, Tyler Farr, and so many more. It can't be easy for three girls to find their own style while still having a cohesive look, but the girls have done just that. A mix of edgy, country,  and fun girly clothing ties together not only their style but also their sound.

Brett Eldredge's


Brett Eldredge released his latest album last year and it is still a favorite of many. Illinois continues to show us the soft side of Brett Eldredge that we’ve been getting a taste of lately. His halfway unbuttoned shirt gets the ladies eager to hear what he has up his sleeve. The slicked back hair and sexy look with his baby blues is easy to love. His music goes right along with his style and perks your ears with his fun tunes. Brett’s songs, “Lose Your Mind,” “Drunk on Your Love” and “Wanna Be That Song” are just a glimpse of the amazing music on Illinois.

Be sure to check it out here

Kayla Calabrese's 

Glass Stiletto

The stunning Kayla Calabrese is at it again with her EP, Glass Stiletto. Her blue ball gown and glass slipper that she’s holding leaves us wondering what stories she has to tell this time. Her single on country radio right now, “Happily Never After,” is her version of a love song. Looking at the back of her album cover, she looks like a dazzling Cinderella running away from an old prince charming. As she carries her blue gown, looking back with her blonde curly hair as it flies in the wind, I wonder what happens next.  The vines and scrolled text creates the perfect fairytale album cover. The artwork of Glass Stiletto perfectly suits Kayla’s laid back, loving and bright personality. 

Carrie Underwood's 


The “Storyteller,”  Carrie Underwood is a true beauty. Her ivory look with a splash of red gives her a delicate yet sassy look. Considering her last album being the Greatest Hits: Decade #1, we knew Carrie was ready to show the stories she’s had the past couple of years. Starting off with her album art, her voluptuous hair and smoky eye shows us how Carrie has matured over the past couple years. Now that she is a mother, her ivory and red blouse with the leather boots shows her elegance and strength she has as a woman. The flawless Carrie Underwood continues to amaze us with her immaculate beauty and style.  Her album Storyteller is another window open into Carrie’s life and the style she has within herself.  

NStyle review's Jana Kramer's gorgeous album cover, for her new release, "Thirty One"

Jana Kramer's


The album cover for Jana Kramer's Thirty-One insinuates everything the album says about Jana: strength, beauty, growth, and determination. The album art for Thirty-One is a striking headshot, relying on Jana's natural beauty. The actress, country star, and soon-to-be mom is donning makeup that accentuates her natural face and lip coloring, with a smokier eye. Jana's hair is a stunning, blown out, middle part, with big waves, and a light ombre that begins to lighten at her cheekbones. Needless to say, Jana Kramer sets a standard. With the success of her single release, "I Got The Boy," it's no surprise that the album is quickly climbing up the Billboard chart of country albums (No. 3)!


Check out Jana Kramer's Thirty-One HERE

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